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Omaha Gymnasium Mold Remediation

12/2/2016 (Permalink)

BEFORE (left HVAC ducts)...AFTER (above scoreboard)

A malfunction in the HVAC system caused a moldy mess  around the ceiling of this Omaha gymnasium.  This picture taken during the restoration process shows areas to be treated (left HVAC ducts) and an area that had been cleaned (above the soreboard).

After sealing the gymnasium and establishing negative air pressure and cleaning the contaminated air with HEPA air filters, SERVPRO of Sarpy County crews used dry ice blasting techniques to safely remove the mold.  This method is similar to sand blasting but uses dry ice under less pressure, leaving minumal residue to be cleaned up after blasting.

Although restoration process was complicated by the gymnasium's high ceilings and special flooring, SERVPRO of Sarpy County was able to restore the gymnasium in less than two weeks; certified mold-free.